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Perkins Animated 3D Diesel Engine Screensaver 2007 [Eng]
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Название программы: Perkins Animated 3D Diesel Engine Screensaver
Версия программы: 2007
Последняя версия программы: 2007
Язык интерфейса: Eng

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Системные требования:
Vista/7 - ??
Скринсейвер демонстрирует процесс сборки дизельного двигателя!

One of the biggest draws to my blog site has been the Deutz Screensaver which shows the construction and operation of a car motor engine. I posted the animation because of the educational benefit it brought to the Scouts who were learning all about car engines. In fact, we stripped down a car engine to its component parts. What we weren`t able to show was how the engine operated, which is where the screensaver did it so wonderfully well.

Thanks to Yoseph Santoz, a reader of this blog, he pointed me to another screensav-er which shows the construction and working of a Diesel Engine. Rather than using drawn artwork, this screensaver appears to be using 3D representations of the actual parts. It`s amazing. Thanks Yoseph!

This version is compatible with Windows only, although there is an mpg movie con-tained within the zip archive for playback using QuickTime on a Macintosh or Win-dows PC.
Perkins_Animated_3D_Diesel_Engine_Screensaver.rar  (28.175Mb)

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